The 3 key things that make effective change needs sustainable.thortspace-1a-shadow

Neuro-Guru, Pieter Rossouw, identified essential elements for ‘Helpful-Talk’ that promote effective and positive change.   THORTspace is designed to promote all three.

  • The need to connect and communicate in a non-judgmental and caring way;
  • To be in a ‘safe’ space – THORT space is secure and offers a rich world for discussion and responses.
  • The need for an enriched environment – our THORTspace offers a rich world of conceptual models, animations, and workouts for discussion and interaction to help you.

Rossouw, revealed that ‘Helpful-Talk’ strategies can promote change, right down at a neural level. This requires an ‘enriched environment’ where the brain mind and spirit can flourish, and be free to grow. With a ‘Helpful Talk’ partner or coach, you can be more sure of  achieving new levels of success.


Coherence is fundamental to our well-being.

Neuroscientists have identified that we have a basic need to find coherence in the things that we do and experience. Tools, animations, and targeted workouts help you to build coherence in a specific challenging situation.
With change, comes a value-shift. This in turn can require a skills upgrade with habits that are more suitable at the new level. We partner you in a variety of ways.

  • As you brainstorm possibilities and opportunities when you transition to a new stage or phase.
  •  Through a ‘mental stretch’, or help you get ‘unstuck’, to re-imagine the situation and move on.


Join the THORT Space to connect and navigate your way through your current tricky dilemma.

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dmf-2Denise Faller, Resilience Guru

I am passionate about helping people get back up after a setback and then to navigate the changes and uncertainty of our times – for the good of all.

I help you build your quality of resilience, and greater insight into specific issues.  Then, help you identify opportunities and the way forward. Finally, I partner you as you find the motivation to take effective steps towards reaching your goal.

Today, our work, home and social lives are not easy.  The relentless pace of change we now experience calls for us to each build new levels of awareness, and upgraded skills to cope with complexity and pressure. So, I continually research best practice and upgrade coaching tools and workouts to help us navigate the challenging opportunities we all encounter.

We bring all the support together in the THORT BrainSmart system, where a central simple metaphor holds all the pieces together. This makes it easy to keep focusing on your goal while you build new insights, and later, as you develop greater skill and knowledge, it consolidates around a coherent framework.

Our THORTspace and workouts can help you thrive.  Her we integrate the latest neuroscience and physiology research into  workouts, animations and smart sheets, so you can simply focus your energy on getting on track.

I look forward to meeting you either for a personal workout or an online coaching session.

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